‘Coaches got to hold these guys more accountable’

What a current Steelers player said about issues with their team

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) – Much like the current starting quarterback, Mitch Trubisky didn’t filter his thoughts when asked about the current state of the Steelers on Tuesday.

“You are seeing the same thing when I was in there,” Trubisky said of the offense under Kenny Pickett. “We got to get back to the fundamentals, eliminating penalties. Everybody being on the same page, 11 guys playing as one. Find ways to score and get some points.”

“We are moving the ball a little bit. We got to be better in the red zone, better on third down.”

“To me it all starts in practice. We have to practice harder. We got to be more detailed. We have to be locked into the walk-throughs. We got to really get back to the fundamentals of the game-blocking, catching, running, throwing. Once we are good fundamentally we can continue to expand.”

When asked about the reasons for all of the penalties, Trubisky said good question and then said this.

“Some of them are just one-offs, freak accidents,” Trubisky said. “Some other times they are repeat offenders. That’s got to come from the top down. The coaches got to hold these guys more accountable when it comes to penalties.”

“I don’t mind the holding penalty, but when we are lined up in illegal formations, I think that’s detail and stuff we have to go over in walk-throughs and have more sense of urgency. We got to be fundamentally more stable. We got to be better in every aspect. It hasn’t been good enough.”

Asked if Kenny Pickett needs to watch his pointed comments because he hasn’t been in the league very long, Trubisky backed Pickett up and said it’s part of the job.

“It does come from the quarterback position, as a quarterback you have to be a leader,” Trubisky said Tuesday. “You are calling the plays in the huddle. You got to bring energy and passion. Guys are going to be looking at you every day ‘what kind of mood is Mitch in? What kind of mood is Kenny in? Are they bringing it today? Are they locked in at practice?”

“We are. We just need to continue to stay on these guys, continue to bring people together and work harder so we can bounce out of it. I think a lot of it is correcting mistakes and being honest with ourselves and trying to get better as a unit.”

What Trubisky is saying to Pickett as advice for handling this situation.

“Just stay the course, it’s rough right now but we need to focus on what we can get better on as quarterbacks,” Trubisky said. “That’s reviewing the film, looking at our mistakes and trying to hold the other guys accountable.”

“It’s tough right now but you have to keep working hard. Good leadership has to continue to come from the quarterback room, which it has. We are just trying to help guys continue to get better, correct our mistakes. When there is a mistake on film you can’t let it be on film again. We are trying to grind through this thing. The only way to get through these rough days is to continue to stick together, continue work harder and hopefully we’ll bounce out of it.”

“You have to continue to come in here with a great attitude. We have to own our record, it is what it is. I think people are going to label us a 2-6 team. It starts week by week, you aren’t going to turn it around just like that. You got to do it one game at a time and it starts in practice.”

Trubisky said it’s good to have a bye week to reset. When they return, there is a lot of work to do.

In that regard it may be the best bye week ever.

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