If Trubisky falters, it has to be Kenny Pickett time


Mitch Trubisky will start the Steelers fourth game of the season on Sunday against the New York Jets, but he may not finish it.

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio tells The PM Team that that “a lot of people in the building that are ready to turn the page to (Kenny) Pickett.”

Florio adds that was the feeling going into Thursday night’s game but Trubisky did enough “to keep playing but not enough to keep winning and it really wasn’t on him.”

Florio says if Trubisky regresses like he did in the first two games of the season, the decision will make itself and the Steelers will have to put Pickett in.

“If it’s not going well against the Jets, then it’s Kenny Pickett time and it’s baptism by blast furnace against the Bills, Bucs, Dolphins and Eagles,” said Florio.

Florio adds one of the worst things that Head Coach Mike Tomlin could’ve said a couple weeks ago was that he didn’t hear the fans chanting for Pickett in their home opener in the loss against the New England Patriots. He believes those chants will only get louder to the point that Tomlin can’t ignore them.

If it doesn’t happen during the Jets game, Florio believes it will remain with Trubisky until the bye and then it will be Pickett’s time.

If the Steelers lose to the Jets Sunday, they’ll be 1-3 and in very real danger of starting 1-7. Even if they win they could be 2-6 going into the bye.

Featured Image Photo Credit: © Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports