'Never not working' Polamalu appears in new Head & Shoulders ad with Mahomes

Troy Polamalu
Troy Polamalu Photo credit (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

He’s heading into Canton next month to take his place as one of the greatest of all-time, but before being inducted, Troy Polamalu has teamed up once again with Patrick Mahomes for Head & Shoulders.

As Polamalu says in the ad, he’s “never not working” just like Head & Shoulder Scalp Shield Technology.

The new television commercial released Wednesday features the Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback shopping at a grocery store before he’s interrupted by the Steelers legend.

“grocery story sushi, really?” Polamalu says to Mahomes.

Polamalu proves to Mahomes that he’s “never not working” by showing up on the golf course as an instructor, a car wash attendee, a movie star on the big screen and even as Mahomes’ dentist.

It’s the first commercial featuring the two since last September.

Thanks to his luxurious hair, Polamalu has been a Head & Shoulders spokesperson for over 10 years.