Terrell 'Rell Money' Edmunds is in the rap game…and he's pretty good!

'Better than Lev. Better than AB' - Chris Mack
Terrell Edmunds
Terrell Edmunds Photo credit © Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

You’ve probably heard Antonio Brown’s “Whole Lotta Money” or maybe even a track from Le’Veon Bell’s “Life’s A Gamble” album. Listening, to either, it’s pretty clear they are better on the football field than behind the mic, but hey that’s just my opinion.

Enter Steelers safety Terrell “Rell Money” Edmunds who has entered the hip hop game and…he’s pretty good!

Edmunds released his debut track “We Ride” last month and his first EP “F1rst Quarter” last week.

He also recently released a song called “Panoramic” which is actually quite good.

Warning: Song does contain some strong language

We’re not saying “Rell Money” is the next Jay-Z or anything but his skills behind the mic are superior to his former Steelers teammates.

The track has received mainly positive reviews on YouTube with over 2,500 views in the past five days.

On the field, Edmunds is a solid player and would probably get more praise if he was a 3rd or 4th round pick instead of being the team’s 1st rounder back in 2018.

Edmunds had two interceptions last season along with 68 total tackles.

Edmunds is popular in the locker room and is a good person off the field. We wish him success in his music career.