Florio: Tomlin won't fire Canada but doesn't rule out Rooney doing it


After another poor offensive output from the Steelers on Sunday, talk is heating up for Pittsburgh to get rid of coordinator Matt Canada.

The Steelers hardly, if ever fire a coach in-season so it seems like something that’s next to impossible to happen.

But, Mitch Trubisky and wide receivers have opening criticized the team’s play calling something that is a rarity under head coach Mike Tomlin.

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio says while Tomlin wouldn’t fire Canada he “can’t rule out” owner Art Rooney II firing the offensive coordinator.

But before you get excited, Florio says the problem is, “once the car is moving, changing the tire on it while it’s moving is difficult to do.”

Florio adds that removing Canada now would be “the equivalent of changing three tires.”

If Canada is fired now, Florio’s issue is who would replace Canada and would he be any better?

“I think it’s too early to panic, but here’s the problem, Browns, Jets . . . all the sudden the schedule takes a turn.”

The Steelers have the Bill, Bucs, Dolphins and Eagles. If they don’t win the next two games, going into the bye week, the Steelers record could look pretty bad.

Here are some of the things Canada said the media ahead of Thursday night’s game against the Browns.

On using the hurry-up offense more:

“I think it’s been effective and obviously we could use it more.  You go into a game plan with different mindsets.  You know their plan is to limit your possessions.  We got down in the third quarter and it helped us.  It’s helped us other times.  It helped us at the end of the half, we just missed a couple of plays.  As we continue to grow and build, we could do more of/less off.  It depends on the game.”

Guys coming to Trubisky with suggestions, are there too many cooks in the kitchen, you have to buy into a plan and stick to it?

“We are really, really talented on the outside.  We all know that.  We have to find ways to get them the ball and get it in space and make the right plays at the right time.  They all want the ball.  Any quarterback has played with talented receivers, they all want the ball all the time.  Najee wants to run it all the time.  When you are not playing well, those things occur.  I don’t think that’s a major issue.”

Has Mitch become too cautious?

“That’s a fine line.  What’s the line?  When we don’t win, the answer would be yet.  If we do win and we protect the ball, it’s no.  We just have to keep going and building trust.  Statistical data, if you turn the football over the odds of winning aren’t very good.  Possessing the football is the number one goal.  I don’t want to diminish that point.  We got to make sure he feels comfortable playing.”

Would you like to get George Pickens the ball more?

“I would love to get George more involved.  I could say the same thing for all of them.  We got to continue to stay on the field and get the right guys the ball.  Bottom line we have to score touchdowns.”

Can growth happen in a short week?

“A lot of growth can happen in a short week, you can play quicker.  I think we can all look at those things and figure out how to get those yards to gain.  We have to be better, so I believe we can because we have to.  We have to play better on Thursday night.  We all know that.”

Are those the kind of answers you want from your offensive coordinator?