Tomlinism leaderboard halfway through the season

'Don't cry over spilt milk' we have the tallied Tomlin's phrases through the first 7 games

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin is known for having one of the most unique vocabulary in the NFL, obviously.

This Tomlinisms range from “Leave the light on” to a new favorite “meat on the bone.”

Our Fan Early Morning Show host and Fan Morning Show Producer has collected a running list of Tomlin’s most-used phrases halfway through the season.

“Got a lot of respect” is on top so far in The 2020 Tomlin Tuesday Press Conference Leaderboard with 22 mentions. That is followed by “Things of that nature” at 11 and “Collective(ly)” at 10.

Even with all of Tomlin’s phrases he has some he saves for the players only.

On Wednesday, Cam Heyward said that they’ve been hearing, “It’s a big man week,” and “Big men have to run, little men have to hit.”