Postponed Big Ten Season Leaves James Franklin Seeking Answers

Nittany Lions Coach “Extremely Frustrated”

State College (93.7 The Fan) – In the week since the Big Ten pulled the plug on the fall football season, Penn State coach James Franklin has been unable to answer many questions from his players and their parents. And that, more than anything, has left Franklin frustrated.

“When the decision was actually being made, it caught a lot of people off guard,” Franklin said.  “At that time, we felt things were going pretty good.  We felt we were going to make this thing work, and things changed quickly.”

Commenting publicly for the first time since the conference’s controversial decision, Franklin took exception with how it came about.

“I don’t necessarily have an issue with the decision, but I have an issue with the process and an issue with the timing.  It was challenging to keep getting up in front of my team and getting up in front of my parents and not having answers to their questions.  If we were going to make the decision to delay the season, we should have taken the time to have all the answers for what that’s going to mean for eligibility, scholarships, the next opportunity to play.  What does that mean to roster management and incoming recruits?”

Franklin said everyone associated with the program sacrificed to make a season work once the team convened for training camp.  There wasn’t a single positive COVID-19 test during the first week.