Aditi: Keith Butler has never run the Steelers defense

Our Fan AFC North insider says Tomlin's been in charge since Butler took over the defense
Coach Tomlin with defensive coordinator Keith Butler
Coach Tomlin with defensive coordinator Keith Butler Photo credit © Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

According to NFL Network and 93.7 The Fan AFC North insider Aditi Kinkhabwala, Steelers defensive coordinator Keith Butler doesn’t run the defense and it’s all head coach Mike Tomlin.

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During her weekly segment with the PM Team, Kinkhabwala said, “Keith Butler has never designed or called a defense in the entire time he has been the defensive coordinator.”

She added that it was the same for former DC Dick LeBeau toward the end of his tenure.

Andrew Fillipponi says that basically makes him a figure head with Kinkhabwala adding she isn’t going to put words in Butler’s mouth, but maybe he’s comfortable with where he is in his career.

Kinkhabwala added that it isn’t just in Pittsburgh that a coordinator doesn’t make the calls when the head coach comes from an offensive background or in this case with Tomlin, defense.

The Fan Morning Show discussed her report on Tuesday morning and said while it is a “striking revelation” they aren’t shocked by it at all.

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Keith Butler Doesn't Call Plays?
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“He wants to be the guy controlling everything,” said Chris Mack. “He wants to be that for every single guy in the locker room up to and including ‘I want to call the plays on gameday’.”

“Which then would lend to the notion . . . that I just want yes men around me, I want to be in charge, I don’t want anybody to have more influence than me and I want to make sure that I’m in control of everything,” Colin Dunlap said of Tomlin.

So what does Butler do?

“You know what Keith Butler’s doing, he’s coaching up the linebackers, that’s what Keith Butlers doing and you want to who should shoulder the blame for where this defensive is right now? The head coach,” said Mack.

While it won’t happen, Mack says that the Rooney’s need to tell Tomlin to get a young, up and coming defensive coordinator and take more a of a CEO role running the team.