Tim Tebow proposed an alternative to social media 'likes' – and the responses were hilarious


Social media can wreak havoc on one's emotions -- just ask Tim Tebow.

The former NFL quarterback turned Mets minor leaguer published a blog post this week in which he muses about the meaning of likes, favorites, thumbs up and other similar gestures of approval.

The pursuit of "validation" and "acceptance" are normal human tendencies, Tebow says -- but he wonders if "respects" would be a more impactful form of currency on social media:

We live in a day and age where people live to be liked on social media. We’ve become conditioned to fear criticism because everything is about being “liked”. If it’s not “likes”, it’s “followers”, and if it’s not “followers” it’s “shares”. It’s human nature to seek validation and acceptance because it gives us a sense of belonging and community. However, we have to pause and ask ourselves which communities are we joining, and what do we have to do to get there?

Merriam Webster Dictionary defines, a “Like” is an electronic registration of one's approval of something, such as an online post or comment for others to see. In simple terms when you like something, it means you simply feel some attraction to it or you find pleasure in it. On the contrary, “Respect” is defined as a consideration worthy of high regard or esteem. This means for someone to earn your respect, they have to try a little harder, and vice versa.

Tebow took to Twitter to blast out his half-baked idea and ask for some feedback.

The responses didn't disappoint.