Here are the hot Halloween trick-or-treating spots in Seattle and around the Sound

If your neighbors aren't bringing their A-game this Halloween, here's where to take the kids for sweet and spooky celebrations.
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I don't want to trigger any traumatizing memories for you here, but if you remember last year at this time, we were knee-deep in the fall surge of the pandemic, and for a lot of families, the idea of taking the kids out trick-or- treating was unthinkable.

I know in my neighborhood, Seattle's Madison Park, a few brave families roamed the sidewalks on Halloween only to find a pretty chilly reception at most houses. A few neighbors left pieces of wrapped candy spread out on a table (so dozens of little hands weren't all reaching into the same pot of sweets.) And I didn't see it around my place, but watching the news later, I did see houses where the clever residents rigged up some kind of pipeline or slide through which the candy slid right into the waiting kids' trick-or-treat bags.

Another tradition in a lot of neighborhoods is when the merchants in the business district join forces and everybody hands out treats to the kiddos at the entrance to the grocery store or the dry cleaners or the coffee shop. That was definitely off the table last year around here, although our little 3-block villiage is doing that once again this year (on the Friday before Halloween because it's not a school night.). Maybe it's happening in your neck of the woods, too.

In fact, I'm pretty sure a lot of individual families up and down your block are back in the Halloween spirit with the spooky decorations and the treats at the front door. And some -- but definitely not all -- of the organized trick-or-treat festivities around the Sound are back this year.

For the full rundown, let's turn to the experts -- the parenting website Tinybeans (formerly Red Tricycle) and their post called Where Seattle Kids Can Go Trick-Or-Treating This Year. And even though they say "Seattle," they do give you the scoop on Halloween happenings beyond Seattle in every direction.

Unfortunately, the list of events is still shorter than it would be in a typical year, and as you read through the listings, skip ahead to the ending of whatever event you're reading about to make sure they haven't topped it off with the dreaded "This event is cancelled for 2021" warning.

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That said, you'll find a decent number of cool Halloween events for families in this post. The Pumpkin Bash at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo is on, as is trick-or-treating on Halloween in the West Seattle Junction, in the Fremont neighborhood ("The Center of the Universe"), Downtown Edmonds, Bellevue's Kelsey Creek Farm, Downtown North Bend, the LeMay America's Car Museum in Tacoma (a scavenger hunt!), Kent, Auburn, and Des Moines.

Check the website for all the details of the neighborhoods and communities I mentioned, or better yet, just ask around at your local businesses or see if your neighbors are into the Halloween spirit this year.

Have fun, be careful out there, and if you see this guy

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