Here's where you and your family can pick your own berries around the Sound

This is the perfect time of year to get outside and fill a basket with fresh berries that you and your crew picked yourselves
Child with a basket of berries
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What does June mean in your family?

School gets out, family vacation is on the horizon, summer jobs begin, everybody kneels in the dirt and picks berries . . . . Okay, maybe that last one's not on your summer to-do list, but it should be.

You already know that one of the great things about where we live is how close we are to a bounty of all kinds of fresh produce growing all over the place, and right about now the strawberries are ripe for the pickin'. And soon there'll be raspberries, blueberries, and all kinds of other goodies to pluck at farms all around Puget Sound.

The hard-working folks at Red Tricycle Seattle are on it, with a great rundown of where and when you and your family can pick your own berries around here.

Ripe & Ready: The Best Farms To Pick Your Own Berries gives you the scoop on u-pick farms all over the place.

There's the iconic Biringer Farm in Arlington, where strawberry picking has already begun, and you'll also be able to pick raspberries, blackberries, and tayberries -- that's a combination of a raspberry and a blackberry. And -- bonus! -- just to make it easier to get their fresh-picked goodness, Biringer will be running drive-up Berry Shacks all summer in Smokey Point, Marysville, and Tulalip; they pick, you pick up.

Also on the list: Picha's Berry Farm (pick your strawberries in Puyallup, or just pick 'em up in Tacoma,) Harvold Berry Farm in Carnation, which Red Tricycle calls "an old-fashioned, straight-forward u-pick experience," Bolles Organic Berry Farm in Monroe, where the strawberries, raspberries and blueberries are grown in pesticide-free soil, and then there's Duris Farm in Puyallup for a change of pace -- pick cucumbers, beans, and zucchini, and, oh yeah, strawberries, too.

There's more in the Red Tricycle article, so click through and find the place that seems like the best fit for your family.

Note that some farms are up and running now, at least with strawberries, and others are on the verge. Farms have different policies about pets, face masks, cash/no cash, and all the usual COVID precautions, although you're going to be outside, which is the safest place to be. Check the article, and each farm's website, before you go.

Have fun, and save me some pie!