New Music Heaven: "Surefire" by Wilderado


This week, we're testing out "Surefire" by Wilderado. Are you feeling it? Text HOT or NOT to 44624 when you hear it on 94/7 this week, and we'll decide if we keep playing it. To get a free download of the song and weekly 94/7 emails in your inbox, just join the free 94/7 Nation.

Wilderado formed in 2015, comprised of lead vocalist and guitarist Max Rainer, guitarist and vocalist Tyler Wimpee, bassist and vocalist Colton Dearing, and drummer Justin Kila. Their first EP The Misty Shrub was released shortly after. Wilderado is still a young band, but they are playing a long game with their music careers, vesting their time into a variety of genres and songs to create a wide spectrum of music. "Surefire" is just a taste of what Wilderado has to offer, with three-part harmonies, soaring melodies, and more. The band will continue to offer more and more with the music they've spent years refining. 

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