Justice Now: Law and Disorder 2

With Dr. Luann Pannell, Sheriff Alex Villanueva, Deputy Ray Wilson, Sgt Hector Gutierrez, and Reporter Sloane Martin.

JUSTICE NOW! The Wave's ongoing pursuit to bring our Communities to Unity. We return with Justice Now: Law and Disorder 2 Wednesday, May 26th at 6 PM PT. Listen to the broadcast in your car, on your smart speaker ("play ninety-four seven the wave"), your computer's desktop player, or via the AUDACY app.

In the wake of the guilty verdict for former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, tonight we bring you part two of Law and Disorder with a look at the law enforcement side of the story. Our guests include Dr. Luann Pannell, Sheriff Alex Villanueva, Deputy Ray Wilson, Sgt Hector Gutierrez, and Reporter Sloane Martin. 

Sloane Martin

Sloane Martin

Sloane Martin is a reporter and anchor at WCCO Radio in Minneapolis. For the last five years she's reported on several major stories in the Twin Cities including civil unrest following George Floyd's death and the Derek Chauvin murder trial, but day-to-day she's filing from the field on a multitude of beats or working on longform features. She's a Los Angeles native with a decade of experience as a broadcast journalist previously working in another city known for its harsh winters, Buffalo, N.Y. 

Sloane is also a sports broadcaster with the WNBA's Minnesota Lynx and was the first woman to be named the voice of a professional team in Twin Cities' history.

Dr. LuAnn Pannell

Dr. Luann Pannell

Dr. Luann Pannell began her career with LAPD as a Police Psychologist in 2000 and in 2006 was promoted to Director of Police Training and Education by Chief Bratton. In this role, she is responsible for the review and evaluation of all LAPD training curricula to ensure relevancy, continuity, and compliance with State and Federal criteria and Department policy. The goal is to create a stronger foundation of skills, resiliency, and purpose for the first five years of working in law enforcement. Ultimately, the goal of LAPD training is to cultivate healthy and resilient officers through increased competence, confidence and capability to partner with diverse communities to enhance public safety.

Sheriff Alex Villanueva

Sheriff Alex Villanueva

Sheriff Alex Villanueva is the 33rd Sheriff of Los Angeles County and a 34-year veteran of the Department. Sheriff Villanueva commands the largest Sheriff’s Department in the United States, consisting of nearly 18,000 budgeted sworn and professional staff. Sheriff Villanueva began his law enforcement career in 1986 working within the Los Angeles County Jails. For the next 30 plus years, he worked a variety of assignments, at various ranks before retiring in early 2018. He was elected as Sheriff in November of 2018

Deputy Ray Wilson & Sargeant Hector Guitierrez of the Palmdale Sheriffs’ Station

Deputy Ray Wilson
Deputy Ray Wilson

I grew up in the Antelope Valley. I've been on the Sheriff's Department for about 20 years and assigned to various Patrol Stations and Custody Facilities. I've worked at the Palmdale Sheriff's Station since 2006. Assignments include Patrol Deputy, Field Training Officer, Mall Detail Deputy, School Resource Deputy, S.H.A.R.E. (Stop Hate And Respect Everyone) Tolerance Program Director, Palmdale Sheriff's Station's Youth Activities League (YAL) Program Director. - Deputy Ray Wilson

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