Justice Now: The Color of Money


JUSTICE NOW! The Wave's ongoing pursuit to bring our Communities to Unity. We return with Justice Now: The Color of Money on Wednesday, June 28th at 6 PM PT. Listen to the broadcast in your car, on your smart speaker ("play ninety-four seven the wave"), your computer's desktop player, or via the AUDACY app.

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In this episode we’ll introduce you to some intriguing Southern California Businesses owned and operated by people of color. We’ll talk with Stephen Cheung about helpful resources from the LA Economic Development Corporation and share the inspiring story of Kerri Harper-Howie and Nicole Enearu’s second generation family business.

We'll begin with Marco and Sandra Johnson, founders and owners of the University of Antelope Valley, then continue with Donna Hadjikani, founder and owner of interior design company Delta Swell. We'll chat with co-founder and owner of Big Man Bakes, Chip Brown, and Black Bottom Southern Cafe owners Gina and James Pickens.

With well-known celebrities (including the late Prince) as clients and an inspiring story of going from immigrant to business owner, Arturo Padilla shares his story of starting Rancho Tailors in Rancho Park. And lastly, Kevin Lee - owner and founder of Fluffy's Sno-Balls - talks about bringing his New Orleans "sno-balls" to Long Beach.