Tami Heide interviews Harriet Marin Jones

For Black History Month,Tami Heide has a California Conversation with Harriet Marin Jones, writer, producer and director of the documentary “King of Kings”, one of the selected films at the Pan African Film and Arts Festival. The film “King of Kings: Chasing Edward Jones” is the story of her search for the truth about her Grandfather. Award winners Quincy Jones and Debbie Allen are executive producers of the film. Gangster for some, philanthropist for others, who really was Edward Jones? In the 1930s and 1940s, this descendant of slaves becomes one of the richest men in the United States thanks to the Policy business, an illegal numbers game, that ultimately became the modern state lottery, now played by millions nationwide. Known as the most famous of the Policy Kings, it’s estimated that Edward Jones amassed a fortune $25 million in the Policy business (numbers game), and re-injected part of that money into his community, setting an example and opening many doors. But in these times of segregation, his success and unfailing support to the African American community are a problem. In conflict with both the mob and the Feds, he is eventually forces into a life on the run! Exploring the rise and fall of the most famous Policy King of all times -- Edward  Jones, nicknamed the “King of Kings” --  his filmmaking granddaughter uncovers an unparalleled story, while showing the lasting repercussions of his untold story, both within her family, and for Chicago’s South Side where he once embodied the American dream. For more info, visit https://en.kingofkings-film.com/  For screenings this weekend check www.PAFF.org

Featured Image Photo Credit: Olivier Allard