How college students are ‘renting’ moms

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For college students, being away from their families for the first time can be a challenge. That’s where businesses that allow then to “rent-a-mom” step in.

According to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, “parents are hiring concierge services for their college students, leaving to professionals some duties usually done by mom, including hugs.”

These businesses became more popular during the pandemic, said the WSJ. This report included three businesses: Boston Concierge Services for Students, Mindy Knows and Daisy Bug Delivery.
However, they don’t all necessarily agree with the “rent-a-mom” label. We’ll get to that in a bit.

Boston Concierge Services for Students was established in 1990 by Joan Alfond and Tamara Kumin. According to The Guardian, their services cost around $10,000 per academic year.

“Seeing how much time they spent visiting their children while at school for sports games, doctor visits, college preparation, or much needed shopping, they recognized the need for these students to have a ‘mom away from home,’” said the Boston CSS website.

Mindy Horwitz of Mindy Knows charges $450, plus delivery fees, per year for her services

“Think of us as a combination concierge/old college friend/cousin you love. We are local moms who can be there when you can’t, providing assistance to your child and giving you peace of mind,” said the Mindy Knows website.

Fox News Digital also reported on the concierge businesses, and mentioned Daisy Bug.

“Rachelle Arnold, the owner of Daisy Bug Delivery, explained that her concierge service offers that second mom to visit students on college campuses. But Arnold takes it a step further taking a personal interest in each student,” said the outlet.

In a Sept. 21 Facebook post, Arnold said that “clarifications” were necessary and said that her business doesn’t charge $10,000, as she said the article indicated.

“My business is based in Tampa Florida and our services and pricing are available on Daisy Bug Delivery Facebook Page. Our main mantra and motto is #kidsfirstmoneysecond which many of our almost 3K parents and students can attest too,” she said.

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