Coach K on NCAA resuming: 'We'll watch what NBA does'


Legendary Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski talked about the obstacles and challenges of sporting resuming in America amid the COVID-19 pandemic on Thursday. 

"The NBA there are 32 teams that you are in charge of," Coach K told Angelo Cataldi and the 94WIP Morning Show, which includes one of Krzyzewski's former players at Duke in Billy King.

"For NCAA, for college, in basketball there are 353 and for football there one hundred and twenty something at the top level and you are part of a collegiate community so you really have to do what the community is doing.

"You can't have athletes do what you don't have students do, because the athletes are students. It's not just bringing back sport for college, it's how you bring back students."

While Coach K admits the NCAA faces more difficult challenges that professional leagues, NCAA will still follow the lead of their pro counterpart. 

"I think college will try to learn from what the professional sports do," he said. "You gotta just be really careful, but again you have to bring things back too. We're gonna watch what the NBA does especially, and I'm sure college football is going to watch what the NFL does."

Coach K says the idea of certain NCAA teams playing and others not, even within the same conference, is something that is being discussed. 

"We could have, in our country, a disjointed way of doing things in that certain regions may be playing where other regions aren't," Krzyzewski said on Thursday. "Or conferences have to make decisions as to whether or not everyone in the conference plays. In other words, in our conference we have 15 schools from 10 different states. What if, five states you allow things that in the other states you don't. Do those schools have an abbreviated schedule or a schedule without the others? There's a lot of talk about that, very complex."