BG takes a victory lap on his Maxey take: 'Didn't I tell you?'


Brandon Graham would not hang up the phone during Tuesday's 94WIP Morning Show call-in without getting in a word about Tyrese Maxey.

"What I tell you about that boy Maxey, I told you give him a shot! Didn't I tell you? Didn't I tell you? Give him a shot and look what happened, boy!"

Back in June, during the James Harden craziness, the long-time Eagles defensive end randomly called into the 94WIP Marks & Reese Show to tell them it is time to let Maxey cook.

"I'm hoping the Sixers figure it out, though," Graham said on June 15th. "You got a young player in Maxey, but you got to take the emotion out of it. I heard y'all say you can get more picks. I know the cap is low on who you can get. Bradley Beal, you got to think about the age difference between Maxey and him. Maxey, I feel like man, give him a real chance. It's all about the patience people want to have with certain players. Taking the emotion out of it, we going to do what is best for the team as always, we know that as players. Maxey, man, I like him a lot."

The 94WIP Morning Show has been releasing their top 10 current athlete list in Philadelphia this week and Joe DeCamara let BG know that Jon Ritchie ranked Maxey ahead of his teammate A.J. Brown.

"Wooo! Hey, you know what, we got to pause just a little bit. Pause just a little bit."

In 9 games this season the Sixers are an NBA best 8-1 and Maxey has been insanely impressive, averaging 28.6 points, 7.2 assists, 5.4 rebounds, 1.0 steal, 1.0 block, and just 1.1 turnovers per game on 50.5 FG% / 43.1 3P% / 93.0 FT% shooting.

He recorded his first ever 50-point game in Sunday's win over the Pacers.

"But I like Maxey though, he's bringing that energy," Graham added. "I love them guys, the chemistry seems like it just got even better. I'm excited man, I'm just happy that they took a chance on him, I'm happy he's proven himself. Because I know being in that position, you're hearing all that noise and you can't wait to silence them and I think he's doing a great job so far."

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