Giglio: 2023 Tyrese Maxey reminds me of 2022 Jalen Hurts


Tyrese Maxey is becoming a star before our eyes, similarly to how Jalen Hurts did at the beginning of the 2022 Eagles' season.

"Watching last night reminded me of watching Jalen Hurts at the beginning of last season," Joe Giglio said on Monday's 94WIP Midday Show. "A player that obviously has got some promise, that is talented, that you believe in the work ethic, and you're like, 'Man, he's improving.' So then it you watch it play it out, it reminded me of watching Hurts Week 2 last year against the Minnesota Vikings.

"He's averaging 28, 7, and 5 on 50/40/90 shooting. This is top 10 player in the NBA kind of stuff right now."

On September 19th, 2022, a then 24-year-old Hurts broke out for the Eagles completing 26 of 31 passes for 333 yards, one touchdown, one interception plus 57 yards rushing and two rushing scores in a 24-7 win at home. Hurts never looked back.

Maxey, who is only 23 years old, had his first career 50-point performance in Sunday's win over the Pacers making 20 of 32 field goals and 7 of 11 threes.

The Sixers are now 8-1 and Maxey, who has complete control of the offense for the first time in his career with both Ben Simmons and James Harden no longer on the team, is averaging 7.2 assists and just 1.1 turnovers per game.

"I believe that he has changed the trajectory of the franchise and that's why I compared it to Hurts," Giglio said. "They have a young emerging star, it kind of does change the Sixers' franchise."

Featured Image Photo Credit: Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images