Brian Mitchell goes after Howard Eskin for his take on Joel Embiid at Commanders opener


If you heard Howard Eskin on the Sports Junkies Wednesday morning, you heard him express how upset he was that Sixers center Joel Embiid joined Sixers and Commanders owner Josh Harris on the field at FedEx last week as a Commanders ambassador for the home opener.

Later in the day, Brian Mitchell and JP Finlay discussed the whole thing, and BMitch DID NOT hold back on his thoughts...about Eskin?

“Howard works for the Eagles broadcasts, so I get the feeling that whenever he can, he’s going to take a shot at the Commanders,” JP said. “Now, he keeps going after Josh Harris.”

“It’s not that he works for the Eagles, he’s a Josh Harris hater,” BMitch replied after JP read the contents of the Tweet where Eskin took issue with the situation. “Howard is an ass. I’ve told him to his face and I’ll tell him to his face, that’s what he is.”

Oh, and about Embiid?

“I think Joel Embiid more than likely came to hang with Kevin Durant since they’re boys, and if I’m either of them and I have a chance to hang out with Magic Johnson, I’m doing anything I can to do that,” BMitch said. “Josh also stated he’d do everything he can to make sure the guys on his teams know they can do more than just play their sport, and that’s what he’s doing here.”

JP then read some of the “tremendous” Twitter replies slandering Eskin, who is one of the best examples of a love-hate relationship with his fan base…and then, the dagger.

“In my lifetime, the most beloved Sixer is Allen Iverson…someone sent Eskin a picture of Iverson decked out in Cowboys gear shaking hands with Jerry Jones,” JP said. “And people in Philly loved him anyway.”

“And guess what: Eskin didn’t say a damn thing about it,” BMitch replied, “because he knew people would’ve stepped to him. For 10 years I was hated by Eagles fans, but now they love me; if you do something for them, they put all that aside. If Embiid comes back and plays well, no one is going to care he came to a damn Commanders game.”

Take a listen to the whole conversation of JP trying to break down the fans’ perspective and Brian just going ham on Howard!

Featured Image Photo Credit: 94WIP