Andy Reid's COVID face shield and hat are headed to the H.O.F


(610 Sports) -- Andy Reid had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction in week 1 of the 2020 NFL season. COVID-19 was forcing everyone to adapt to new rules and restrictions, including face covering for players and coaches in the NFL.

Unfortunately for Reid, the wet and rainy weather in Kansas City caused his new face shield to repeatedly fog up and collect condensation throughout the night.

While week 1 was a little rough for the Kansas City Chiefs head coach, things would certainly get better moving forward, as the Chiefs equipment team was able to find an anti-fogging product to combat the issue. Reid would later switch to wearing a mask, per the league's new protocols.

Reid's hat and face shield combo drew so much attention in the media and on social media, that the Hall of Fame announced it as the newest addition to its "Pro Football Today Gallery" on Monday.

The Hall points out that it's the same mask Reid wore as he secured his 230th win as a coach during Week 9, when he moved into 5th place all time.
It's a symbolic move for the Hall to feature COVID-19-related items to commemorate the 2020 season.