Goedert: Eagles' passing game has been slowed by 'exotic' looks from defenses


Dallas Goedert admits that defenses have been throwing a lot of unique looks at the Philadelphia Eagles' offense this season, slowing down their passing attack through three games.

"There's different things that the defenses have been throwing at us. Different fronts that they put, different coverages in the backend, they're binging more pressure," Goedert told Hugh Douglas and Joe Giglio on Tuesday. "We've been getting a lot of exotic looks, a lot of different things or un-scouted looks teams are throwing at us to stop us and sometimes it works. But it seems like we've been able to figure it out. I feel like the passing game is getting closer and closer. It's going to click one of these weeks and we're going to be able to put a full game together on offense and it's going to be a ton of fun."

The Eagles are 3-0, but rank just 23rd in the NFL averaging 198.7 passing yards per game. Goedert, who told Hugh and Joe before the season he was hoping to have 1,000 yards receiving, has just 11 catches for 63 yards and no touchdowns so far.

On the flip, the Eagles' rushing attack has been dominant, averaging 185.7 yards per game, second best in the NFL.

In Monday night's 25-11 win over the Bucs, the Eagles closed out the game with an impressive 15-play drive that lasted 9 minutes and 22 seconds, a drive in which Goedert says took the Bucs' will.

"We were trying to use the clock for sure," Goedert said. "I don't think I've ever been a part of one that finished the game that long. It was really cool that we were able to keep getting first downs, keep chopping away...Their will was kind of being broken. The o-line did a great job just smashing them, paving those lanes, we kept getting first downs, kept the clock running. It was a great way to end the game."

Featured Image Photo Credit: Mike Carlson/Getty Image