McNabb: 'I've been talking to Jalen Hurts ever since his name was called'


Almost a year after getting promoted from backup to starting quarterback, Jalen Hurts found himself on the sideline on Sunday watching his backup light up the Jets.

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There may or may not be a quarterback controversy, but Donovan McNabb won't entertain it.

"Everybody loves the backup quarterback until the backup plays about five or six weeks," said McNabb on Monday afternoon. "Then all of a sudden, you start to see the real."

McNabb knows a thing or two about backup quarterback hype in Philadelphia. From AJ Feeley to Kevin Kolb, McNabb dealt with fans wanting the backup quarterback plenty. Outside of that, however, is his close relationship with Hurts that tipped him off to his mindset:

"As far as Jalen is concerned - and I continuously talk to Jalen… the one thing you have to understand, Jalen was the backup to Carson, and everybody loved Jalen because Carson wasn't doing what everyone was expecting him to do.

"As far as Jalen is concerned, he was watching the guys make plays out on the field and hearing the play-calling. I'm sure the play-calling was a little bit different because you aren't running RPOs with Gardner, and you are running a lot of those with Jalen. So he's seeing the passing attack and how they are attacking different parts of the field, and I think it's only going to help him."

It caught Ike Reese by surprise that McNabb said he was speaking with Hurts, so it prompted Reese to ask more about the relationship.

"I've been talking to Jalen ever since his name was called. Jalen is well prepared with anything he has been faced with or is going to be faced with. We know in Philadelphia, it's going to be a Minshew effect. Everyone is going to be wearing mustaches and talking about how much they love him, and it happens. But you know what, at the end of it all, Jalen is probably going to be back next week. If they make the playoffs, he will have done his job and he won't worry about it."

The notable part of this is the relationship dates to the day Hurts became an Eagle, when Carson Wentz was still the starting quarterback of the team. Of course, McNabb advocated for the Eagles to draft another quarterback before the 2019 season, a year before Hurts was drafted.

Needless to say, it is awesome to hear that McNabb is mentoring Hurts.

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