Goedert: 'Passing game role not as big as I want yet, but it will come'


Dallas Goedert has just six catches for 22 yards in two games this season, which includes a zero catch Week 1 performance.

"There's a bunch of different reasons. The Patriots did a good job of kind of having two backers waiting around there in the middle, they chipped me off the line and then they did a good job of getting pressure on Jalen...There were obviously plays that could have went my ways but didn't...And then last week, I was able to get the targets, but we didn't get a ton of yards and production after that. And that's just something that defenses are kind of focused on. They didn't want to get any deep plays and obviously [DeVonta Smith] Smitty was able to get a couple last week, but they wanted to keep everything in front, they did a good job of that."

Despite the lack of output in the passing game department, Goedert was a big part of the Eagles' rushing success, as the team carried the ball 48 times for an insane 259 yards in a 34-28 win over the Vikings last Thursday.

"I've always prided myself in being a true three down tight end, where I can be a really big part in the run game and a really big part in the pass game," Goedert said. "My part in the pass game hasn't been as big as I want it to be yet, but I believe that will come. But the run game, that just gives me an opportunity to go in there and kind of impose my will on people."

Before the season began, Goedert told 94WIP that he was hoping to reach 1,000 yards receiving, something he believes him, Smith, and A.J. Brown can all do together.

"I want to get past that 1,000 yards this year," Goedert said on August 4th. "It's been a goal of mine for a long time and I've been falling just a little bit short. Hopefully I can stay healthy, play a whole year and break that. Hopefully I have 100 catches and hopefully this year me, Smitty [DeVonta Smith], and A.J. [Brown] can all surpass that 1,000 yards. That'd be pretty cool."

Featured Image Photo Credit: USA Today Images