Hugh Douglas' account of fight with Terrell Owens: 'It started with Angelo Cataldi'


Hugh Douglas gave his detailed version of his infamous 2005 fight with Terrell Owens. At the time, Douglas was retired, but he was an Eagles ambassador and a contributor to the 94WIP Morning Show with Angelo Cataldi.

"I've been saying for years, it never happened the way that people said it did. It did not," Douglas said. "And no matter what I say people will always say, 'We'll I heard he beat you up.'"

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Douglas says the dispute actually started, in large part, thanks to Angelo Cataldi.

"No, it started here at WIP, and it started with Angelo Cataldi," Douglas, who is a new 94WIP Midday Show host, said on Wednesday when a caller asked. "The controversy started, because that's when I started first doing radio. I'm sitting on the Morning Show. Angelo is going in on Terrell Owens...talking about, he's a bad person, yada, yada, yada. So I'm sitting there and I'm not saying a whole lot. I don't have an opinion, but Angelo is being Angelo and somebody tells Terrell that I am on the radio talking bad about him.

"So I go to the NovaCare and he says something inadvertently to me about something that I said on the radio. And I'm like, 'Dude, I didn't say anything about you.' So long story short, we get into a little bit of a scuffle, which nobody hit anybody. And then all of the sudden, the story comes out that we were in there fighting and whatever, but it didn't happen like that."

"Looking back on that, I did a lot of things that normally when you retire from the NFL, that you're not allowed to do and I had no business in that locker room. And this is me talking as an older gentleman that has matured a lot over the years."

Last year, Owens gave his account of the fight on Club Shay Shay, explaining that Douglas was "buddy, buddy" with Donovan McNabb and that he almost ran through Jeremiah Trotter to get to Douglas.

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