New Documentary 'Maybe Next Year' tells Eagles' Super Bowl story through the fan perspective


A new documentary called Maybe Next Year is coming out, detailing the story of the Philadelphia Eagles' 2017 Super Bowl run from the perspective of four die hard fans, which includes 94WIP caller Shirley and YouTube star Bryant.

Maybe Next Year will be available on November 10th on VOD and DVD. You can pre-order the film at their website

"The film offers an intimate and nuanced view of the NFL’s most notorious fan base and casts a humanizing light on just what it means to be a “fan” of anything," writes director Kyle Thrash—who grew up in Pennsylvania as an Eagles fans—writes via the film website.

"MAYBE NEXT YEAR is a love letter to my favorite place on earth and an ode to everyone who waited their entire lives to be called champions," Thrash adds. "There was something in the air that year and I was drawn to it the same way I was drawn to the Vet as a kid. I hope this film means as much to the city and its people as they do to me."

You can watch the trailer below.