NFL insider not convinced Carson Wentz returns to Eagles


Many believed that when the Eagles fired Doug Pederson and hired Nick Sirianni that it meant Carson Wentz would indeed be returning for the 2021 season.

Not so fast.

Speaking Monday morning to Angelo Cataldi on SportsRadio 94WIP, NFL Network insider Mike Garafolo said that the issues between Wentz and the Eagles go beyond just the head coach, and there are still issues to be worked out between the two sides.

“The short answer is no. No, but let’s see,” Garafolo said when asked if Pederson being gone meant Wentz would be back. “I mentioned this when Doug got fired and everyone said that ‘Well, means Carson Wentz is back’…No. There is more to this. This a guy who, I am told, feels a little bit off in his relationship with the entire organization. A lot of people. There are a lot of hurt feelings on his end with how this whole thing was handled. I am not saying he is justified or not justified, I’m just telling you that my understanding is it is more than just the head coach for him. There are still more conversations that need to be had. When I say Sirianni is going to talk to him, don’t forget the front office is going to talk to him and see if they can work through their feelings and work through this whole thing and see if they can get back on the same page."

Although Wentz has not spoken publicly since being benched for Jalen Hurts last season, multiple reports have stated that he wants to be traded this offseason. Of course, trading Wentz will not be cheap, which is why some believe the Eagles won’t move the quarterback they signed to a $128 million extension in 2019.

Whether Wentz will be back remains to be seen, but it seems Sirianni is already at work trying to smooth things over between the two sides.

“I don’t know the details of the conversation but I know they made contact and the plan is for them to continue to have conversations,” Garafolo said. “I gather that it was important for Sirianni to make sure that Carson Wentz was one of the first, if not the first I have no idea the order, that he got to him early. He got the job, boom, now he is starting to reach out to guys. And it wasn’t just Wentz. He is working his way down the roster. But Wentz was in the first block of guys, which I suppose makes sense if you are making it clear ‘Hey, you are a priority, we still believe in you and we want to keep you around and I’m the new guy and we are going to do everything we can to make you successful.’”