Cunningham on Hurts: 'He runs kind of like me, but he slides'


From one great Eagles quarterback to another, Randall Cunningham spoke about Jalen Hurts on today's 94WIP Midday Show.

"The way he does it, he's very smart," Cunningham told DeCamara and Ritchie of Hurts' ability to run. "He runs kind of like me, where he knows when to get down, he knows when to get that extra yard. He knows when to run out of bounds and you know, he slides. I was a pitcher, but I wasn't a base stealer, so I didn't know how to slide very well. I was always going up in there.

"I just really think the team is doing a great job and I think we got to keep the momentum and just hopefully get this Super Bowl again."

Donovan McNabb also spoke about Hurts on 94WIP, following Hurts' historic 157-yard rushing performance against the Packers.

"Well, you hit it right on the head, he's not running recklessly where he puts himself in harms way," McNabb told Jon Marks & Ike Reese on Monday afternoon. "He took one shot where he tried to slow down and get down, but the defender was on his back which kind of crunched him a little bit, which I was a little worried about. But I think of what we've seen so far he's truly protected and tried to preserve himself, obviously, from avoiding injury. But they're not running him as much as you would think. Some are designed runs, which I think they were about six designed runs [against Green Bay], the rest were just reads. I love the way our balanced attack has continued to improve each and every week, which again we can't discredit the passing game and how efficient he's been in the passing game."

McNabb is second in Eagles history among quarterbacks with 3,249 rushing yards, behind only Randall Cunningham (4,482 rushing yards). Hurts, in just his second full season as an NFL starting QB, already has racked up 1,735 rushing yards, less than 300 yards behind Michael Vick (1,998).

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