Howie Roseman on DeVonta Smith: 'We were going to get this guy'


Howie Roseman made a big move in the first-round of the NFL Draft, moving up two slots to draft Alabama WR DeVonta Smith. It's a move that reinvigorated the Eagles' fan base, as the franchise secured one of top offensive prospects in the entire draft.

"Obviously, DeVonta is a big time player for us," Roseman explained on Tuesday's 94WIP Morning Show. "So, we were going to get this guy and make sure he got on our football team. We've got an offensive coach here. We think this guy is a difference maker."

Roseman was asked by Angelo Cataldi to tell us what there is to love about Smith.

"What's not to love about DeVonta Smith?" Roseman said. "This guy's work ethic is legendary...His route running, his length, his hands, his speed.

"[Alabama] had four first round picks at wide receiver on their team in 2019 and you look at the guy who has got the most targets on that team, it's DeVonta Smith. The ball finds DeVonta Smith. You get to a situation where it's third down, it's a big play in the game, and the quarterbacks are looking for DeVonta Smith. Elite route runner, this guy is just an adult. He's just somebody I think our fans are going to love. I picture a lot of [Number] six jerseys in our stands in the fall and for years to come."

At 6'1", 174-pounds the only knock on Smith is his size. But his production is undeniable, as Smith caught 117 balls for a ridiculous 1,856 yards and 23 touchdowns as a senior at Alabama, winning the Heisman Trophy as the best player in college football.

Needless to say, Roseman isn't worried about his size.

"For us, we get in a situation where you look at what this guy has done in the SEC. And there's been a lot of players where you go back at you can knick on the size. And you go Drew Brees, there's a quarterback out west. And these guys are the exceptions because they've already done it at a high level, that's what makes them special."