Someone bet $4,000 on the Eagles to win the Super Bowl


Only four NFL teams have worse odds to win the Super Bowl than the Philadelphia Eagles, at 125-1, according to Bet MGM sports book.

Still, one die hard fan—or maniac—put $4,000 on the Eagles to win it all in hopes of a $500,000 payout.

Only the Bengals (150-1), Jets (150-1), Lions (250-1), and Texans (300-1) have longer odds than the Eagles to win the Super Bowl, while the Falcons and Jaguars are tied with the Eagles at 125-1.

The Kansas Chiefs are the Super Bowl favorites, per Bet MGM, at +450.

While the Eagles are currently at the bottom, a move like say, acquiring Texans QB Deshaun Watson—depending on how many games he may be suspended for—would certainly increase their chances, albeit not that significantly.

Right now, the NFC East is projected to finish with Dallas on top, then Washington, then the Giants, and finally, the Birds.

But the one thing Eagles fans do have going for them is, the NFL is incredibly unpredictable. And when fans, media, and sports books say you have no chance, it seems like they're always wrong.