Midday Show: Would win over Chiefs put Jalen Hurts in same tier as Patrick Mahomes?


Joe and Hugh agree that their gut feeling is that the Eagles will not come out victorious on Monday night, as the reigning Super Bowl champs in their own will building will be a tough hill to climb.

But, should they be proven wrong and take down Patrick Mahomes and company, what would that say about where Jalen Hurts stands among the best in the NFL?

Joe floated the question of whether or not Hurts belongs in the same conversation as Mahomes if he beats him on Monday night in Arrowhead.

“I would put Jalen Hurts in that next tier [under Mahomes],” Joe said. “You could make the case maybe for a couple others.

“If Jalen wins tonight, is it fair to start putting him in that class? Not even saying he’s better than Mahomes, let’s be real about this, he’s not better than Patrick Mahomes. But are we gonna start to open the class up if he wins tonight, to ‘Hey, maybe it’s Mahomes and Jalen at the top?’”

Hugh wouldn’t go that far, but an Eagles win would bring Hurts very close to that top tier.

“He’s probably in the same neighborhood,” Hugh said. “But not the same cul-de-sac.”

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