Schwarber: 'Middleton had us ready to run through a brick wall for him'

Kyle Schwarber joined Joe Giglio and Hugh Douglas in Clearwater

Kyle Schwarber said John Middleton's speech to the team had the guys "kind of ready to run through a brick wall for him."

Joe Gilgio asked Schwarber on Friday about Middleton's comments to the team stating that he wants to win multiple championships.

"Well, first off that's what you want to hear as a player, that the ownership has your full support and has your back," Schwarber told Giglio and Hugh Douglas on Friday's 94WIP Midday Show in Clearwater. "That's the ownership that you want.

"He gave one of the better ownership talks before Spring Training even started when all of our group got here. He had all of us kind of ready to run through a brick wall for him. That's special. That's what guys love to hear. Obviously there is expectations and also too, it is easy."

The Phillies' managing partner joined the 94WIP Morning Show in Clearwater earlier this week and talked about that speech he gave to the ball club just weeks ago.

"You have short term goals and you have long term goals," Middleton said on Monday's 94WIP Morning Show live in Clearwater. "I spoke to them in the locker room on the first day of full practice...I started out by saying, 'I don't want to win a World Series.' And people kind of looked at me. And then I said, 'The reason I don't want to win a World Series is, if the people in this room only win one World Series, I'm going to be really disappointed.'

"My goal—doesn't mean I am going to get there—is to create a team that 50 to 100 years from now, when people ask the question, 'What are the greatest teams to ever play baseball?' A Phillies team is in that conversation. Now that goal has to then translate down into shorter goals, so the goal this year is to win the World Series. I am not saying that is the expectation. I am not saying people should take that to the bank. I am not arrogant about it. But that's the goal."

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