Warriors tout Andre Iguodala's leadership after Draymond Green-Jordan Poole altercation


SAN FRANCISCO – Make no mistake. The Warriors are Steph Curry’s team. As if we needed further proof, coach Steve Kerr definitively declared as much Thursday afternoon.

But it sure helps to have Andre Iguodala back.

Curry, Kerr and Golden State’s president of basketball operations/general manager Bob Myers each addressed reporters about Wednesday morning’s incident at practice, when veteran Draymond Green swung at Jordan Poole after some heated trash talking.

At various points throughout the press conferences, the Warriors made sure to discuss Iguodala’s importance to the franchise.

“He does an amazing job of saying all the right things at the right time to the right people,” Curry said. “Sometimes in front of the team, sometimes in a one-on-one basis. Every bit of it is important, whether it’s positive encouragement of what’s going on on the court or it’s problem-solving turmoil in the locker room and stuff like that.”

Iguodala is 38 now and about to enter his 19th season in the NBA. About half his life has been spent in the association. He might not have the same explosiveness he had as a youngster, but what he’s lost in athleticism, he’s surely gained in experience.

“Andre is one of the great leaders I’ve ever been around,” Kerr said. “One of the reasons we were so excited that he decided to come back this year was because we knew we were gonna need his internal leadership.”

Shortly after Yahoo! Sports’ Chris B. Haynes reported that Poole’s changing attitude with an incoming contract extension factored into the feud with Green, Iguodala defended Poole with a couple of tweets.

Say what you want about Iguodala’s declining production in the twilight of his career. In fact, the Warriors likely haven’t even decided when he’ll return to the floor this regular season, in an effort to preserve him for the second half and the playoffs. But Iguodala’s ability to serve as damage control for this situation and get through to Draymond is invaluable.

“Internal leadership from within the locker room is the most important,” Kerr said. “Within a team’s makeup, you have to have guys in the locker room who are leading and really kind of laying out a blueprint for how things have to be. Andre does an amazing job of that. We’re gonna need him this year, for sure.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Kyle Terada/USA TODAY Sports