Capt Terry Deitz on unruly passengers during Thanksgiving air travel

'Let's just say I'm a fan of throwing them out on the wing!'
Terry Deitz
Photo credit Terry Deitz Twitter @Deitz_Terry

America's favorite former Navy pilot, former Survivor contestant, former Simsbury resident and current American Airlines pilot — Terry Deitz — joined Christine and Salt to talk about the state of the unfriendly skies.

Over 20 million people will be traveling by air this Thanksgiving and odds are things could get ugly at 20-thousand feet considering how angry travelers seem to be these days. Captain Terry reveals whether 'three chimes' signifies an emergency as claimed in a recent viral Tik Tok video. He also tells us whether he likes duct tape as a method of restraint when passengers get out of control. Let's just say he's a believer in throwing those who disrupt his flight out on the wing!

Check out the full interview below.