Pat Monahan celebrates Train's Drops of Jupiter 20 year anniversary by drinking and selling lots and lots of wine

'I know that I drank most of the wine that the world produces!'

How is it even possible Train's Drops of Jupiter is TWENTY years old? Time flies when music stands the test of time.

Train lead singer Pat Monahan chatted with Christine and Salt about going out on tour again "it's pretty cool, this run of 23 dates was like, let's get back at it...and also we can celebrate Drops of Jupiter's 20 year anniversary." The band plays Foxwoods Friday, August 20th.

Monahan teased that their next album is ready to go, but they aren't going to drop it just yet. "we have an album that's ready to be heard but playing that [in concert] for people who are unfamiliar with it just sounds mean spirited." Laughing, he continued, "I've been to those concerts and I'm like wow, you hate us" adding, "I think the new album is gonna be really fun."

Train has a Christmas album that's been out for several years, but the new twist is the band is shooting a movie of the album up in Vancouver that will air on the Hallmark channel. Christmas in Tahoe is coming out this December and Salt is actively trying to worm his way into the sequel. Pat said he'd consider it IF he can perfect his Canadian accent, eh!

Meanwhile, the last time Pat Monahan was in Hartford, he gave some interesting parenting advice to Christine. He jokingly told her that he helped his kids learn not to get poked in the eye by throwing a stick in the air. When asked if he had any new parenting gems he shook his head and laughed remembering what his dad told him years ago, "my dad would always say, don't ever ask me for advice, I might give it to you!"

Regarding Train's epic Led Zeppelin cover, Monahan beams as he recalls the genesis of the album "I wanted to be everyone in Led Zeppelin and I have never experienced that with any other band...Robert Plant is the coolest singer ever...and that's what I think it all stems from, who as a child you want to emulate and that was the band for me."

Train has a history of having fun by land and by sea. Sail Across the Sun — an immersive cruise experience featuring multiple bands — will be back in 2023. Train is skipping 2022, as are other bands, due to the cruise lines not being completely up and running amid the pandemic.

Speaking of the pandemic, lots of folks turned to wine during the quarantine and Monahan's wine label — Save Me, San Francisco — saw a definite increase in sales. "We started the wine to benefit a charity in San Francisco...I think wine in general was consumed more during all this. I know that I drank most of the wine that the world produces!" He self-depreciatingly added, "you talk about the Covid-19, man — this has been tough to shed."