'Wooing' Cardinals fans are back and almost everyone hates it


ST. LOUIS (97.1 FM TALK) - After a year of no fans at Busch Stadium, missing out on ballgame beers and standing ovations for new and old St. Louis Cardinals players, we've finally been reminded of something most fans didn't miss – the "woo."

If you don't know what the "woo" is, then you probably haven't watched, listened to or been to a baseball game in the last have decade. Here's what it sounded like on the KMOX broadcast, as John Rooney and Rick Horton discussed a defensive shift and whether or not it's "RBI" or "RBIs."

The wooing was in full effect after the 5th inning of Tuesday night's 14-3 stomping of the Nationals, thanks to a nine-run rally by the Cardinals. After that, it was officially a game gone to the "woo."

If you don't know, the "woo" comes from wrestling icon Ric Flair and his passionate "WOO" war cry. It became a trending on social media after being heard in many ballparks across America as far back as seven or eight years now. It seemed to really hit St. Louis in 2018, after the rap song "Ric Flair Drip" dropped in 2017.

Here's what some fans are saying about the "woo":

There may only be enough room in Busch Stadium for one "woo" and this fan is choosing new beat writer for The Athletic, Katie Woo:

There's even a Twitter poll with surprising results, as more people think it was worse hearing this "woo" than having no fans last year:

But apparently, not everyone hates it. Some even hope "The Nature Boy" will make an appearance at Busch Stadium to lead the cheer:

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