Megatron Names The One Cornerback Who 'Slapped Me Straight'


Bring this question to cornerbacks around the NFL: Who's the toughest matchup in the game? 

You'll hear a few prominent names -- DeAndre Hopkins, Michael Thomas, Julio Jones -- but you won't get a consensus. That's what separates Calvin Johnson. During his prime, there wasn't a discussion. 

Now flip that question on its head. Who was the toughest matchup for Johnson? 

Or as Glover Quin put it in a conversation with Johnson on his YouTube channel The DB Room, "Who's the one corner you looked forward to competing against?" 

Johnson nodded and and smiled. 

"Unfortunately I didn’t have a long time to compete with this guy, but I really felt like he slapped me straight, in a literal sense. When I first got to the league, the Green Bay Packers had Al Harris," Johnson said. "Al Harris wasn’t the fastest guy, but Al was very savvy and very aggressive and super physical. He wanted to get his hands on you on every play."

Johnson said he knew about Harris' reputation before he lined up against h