Mike Valenti On Dantonio's Sudden Departure: 'Epic F'ing Of The Program'


We have reached ludicrous speed from Spaceballs because Mark Dantonio is gone -- poof, out of the blue on a random chilly February afternoon ... and Mike Valenti thinks everything about it is fishy.

How is there not a press conference? How is there not an event? How are there not speeches and accolades and bowing and scraping?

What the world got instead was a tweet, a single one.

"It is absolutely weak, it is absurd," Valenti said.

To all Spartans: Thank you for everything. You have truly helped my dreams come true. pic.twitter.com/uKkubvp1cW

— Mark Dantonio (@DantonioMark) February 4, 2020

"Can I tell you what this looks like? ... It looks like an absolute panic move because the ceiling is about to fall in on you," Mike Valenti said.

Valenti has long been saying Dantonio's time is up, but he wanted him to leave with pomp and circumstance, with all the glory due to a historic coach.

Why did none of that happen?

"It doesn't look good when you step down the day before the second signing day and the day before more allegations from Curtis Blackwell's legal team about this suit and a potential wrongful termination ... The only two people who know the truth are Curtis and Mark."

Valenti asked how Dantonio could take a bonus, and after all the coaching changes have been made, and on Feb. 4 send a letter "out of the clouds" and slink away into the shadows.

"I'm sorry, this doesn't feel right to me, it doesn't smell right to me. You are talking about the greatest coach in the  history of my alma mater not having a press conference annoucing his retirement ... Tweeting his retirement from the clouds and you want me to accept that?"

If he has a health or family situation, he should say it. Without that, what is the college football world left to think?

Valenti called it an "epic f-ing of the program," adding "don't tell me there's not more there."

Valenti added it's a disgrace because Dantonio either walked away or he did something wrong.

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