Glover Quin Was Ready For Slay To Blast Patricia: 'I Knew It Was Coming'


If the details of Darius Slay's beef with Matt Patricia came as a surprise, Glover Quin wasn't among those caught off guard. Quin knew his former teammate had some things to get off his chest. 

Namely, that Patricia once told Slay in a team meeting to stop "sucking another man’s crank" after Slay posted a picture of a wide receiver on social media. 
"I had been talking with Slay, he’s like a little brother to me. I had been talking to him the whole time as he was getting ready to decide what he wanted to do (this offseason), where he wanted to go and who was talking to him, those things. And he had been kind of telling me the whole time, 'Man, if I get out of here, I got some stuff I just want to say," Quin told SportsRadio 610 in Houston.

Sure enough, when Slay got word he'd been traded to the Eagles, he called Quin to give him a heads-up.

"He called me the night before the trade broke, he called me (around midnight) and was like, 'I got traded to the Eagles, man. I’m gone, I’m out of there. I can’t wait till tomorrow, man, I’ma let him have it.' So I already knew it was coming," said Quin. "Did I know he was going to put my name into it? No, I did not." 

Slay didn't hold back. In recalling the incident with Patricia, he told the Free Press "there’s no telling what could have happened" had Quin not been sitting next to him at the time. Quin, the even-keel captain, calmed Slay down before things could escalate. 

In hindsight, Quin sometimes wishes he had let Slay go. 

"We were in a team meeting when that stuff happened. When (Patricia) said it, Slay was really upset. He wanted to make a scene right there, and some days I wish I would’ve let him," said Quin. "But at the moment I was like, there’s a better way that we can do this, that we can deal with it. That’s kind of how it happened." 

While Quin doesn't bear any ill will toward Patricia as a person, his feelings for the football coach are a different matter. He blames Patricia's 'Patriots attitude' for the Lions' regression the past two seasons. Instead of building on the positive culture Jim Caldwell left behind, Quin says Patricia blew it up and tried to start over. Detroit is 9-22-1 since. 

"We were changing the perception for the Detroit Lions, and then all of sudden Matt Patricia comes in and feels like, I gotta change the whole culture," said Quin. "And we’re like, 'You don’t have to change the culture. The culture is good. They just maybe want you to get us over the hump.' ...

"Coach Patricia came in and tore it all down and a lot of the guys didn’t really want to buy into what he was teaching because of the way he presented it. His attitude, his persona, his arrogance, things like that made people not really want to buy into it. That was the disconnect."