Datsyuk Reportedly At Family Cottage – Not Holed Up In Monastery With Rebel Priest

If Pavel Datsyuk really was holed up in a Russian monastery with a rebel priest who claims the coronavirus is a conspiracy, he isn't anymore. 
Datsyuk's agent says the former Red Wings star is at his cottage with his family, according to former Free Press sportswriter Keith Gave. 

Just spoke with Pavel's agent, who says Pavel is at his cottage with his family. https://t.co/2A7t8Zf1LQ

— Keith Gave (@KeithGave) June 17, 2020

And here's a video of Datsyuk at said cottage chopping wood, via said agent. 

Pavel Datsyuk’s morning workout and family breakfast at the cottage. Have a good summer everyone! pic.twitter.com/1GXfxqkm23

— Dan Milstein-Hockey (@HockeyAgent1) June 18, 2020

Father Segei, the priest in question, has been barred from public ministry in Russia after disobeying health guidelines and claiming Covid-19 is an excuse to microchip the public. So he seized control of a women’s monastery with Cossack fighters and reportedly declared Wednesday, "I’m not going anywhere. They’ll have to chase me out with police and the National Guard."

And Datsyuk is -- or was -- among those at the monastery in Father Sergei's corner. The priest, a former policeman who in the 1990's was jailed for murder, is said to be Datsyuk's personal confessor. 

"Father Sergius has been my spiritual father for more than 10 years," Datsyuk is quoted as saying. "He has a burning, loving heart, he sees me through and through. He is strict, but also very kind.

"We know that the priest is waiting for me, we can confess to him, take communion, ask him spiritual questions of life, be blessed. With the blessing of the priest, many issues are resolved by themselves."

Datsyuk, 41, returned to Russia in 2016 and has spent the past four seasons in the KHL after a 14-year career with the Red Wings.