Report: Steve Yzerman Could Bring Sergei Fedorov Into The Organization


Every Red Wing's fans dream came true Friday when the team announced Steve Yzerman as the GM of the team.

Could Steve Yzerman be trying to get the band back together?

According to Jeff Riger, it appears that Yzerman may reach out to Sergei Fedorov to join the organization.

Heard today that Yzerman might bring Sergei Fedorov into the organization. Fedorov currently doesn’t have a “solid” job in hockey and he and Yzerman remain close.If true, Fedorov should demand a hefty salary, great benefits and of course his number hanging from the rafters.

— Jeff Riger (@riger1984) April 19, 2019

The sub plot to Yzerman being hired is that there is a possibility that he could bring Sergei Fedorov back to work for the Red Wings. He and Sergei remain close plus these is a belief that Sergei is not completely satisfied in his current hockey position in Russia and could be very interested in coming back.

Fedorov's current job status is in question, but a source familiar with Segrei's situation believes he’s not completely satisfied with his current employment situation.

Could bringing back Fedorov to the Red Wings pave the way to have his number 91 raised to the rafters?