Stoney's Tearful Tribute To Jamie: 'I Loved You, Still Love You'

If you tuned into the Jamie and Stoney Show Monday morning, you probably felt a lump in your throat. Your eyes probably welled up and your heart probably hurt. Because the Jamie and Stoney Show is no longer. We lost Jamie to cancer over the weekend. 

Stoney came on the air without him, and for the next four hours paid tribute to his partner of the last four years. He finished here, with one final salute to his friend.

"Thanks to all the listeners, thanks to all the support that this community has showed him since last Monday -- the Lions, the Tigers, the Pistons, the Red Wings, Michigan. We had Matt Patricia on today and Dave Revsine and the love for this man is overwhelming," said Stoney. "Jamie, I loved you, still love you. Christy, Josh, Catherine and Caroline, and we can throw Wojo in there because he’s part of their family. 

"God, Jamie was the greatest. When Wojo asked one word to describe Jamie, I said 'inclusive.' Jamie was good to everybody, God Bless you, James K. Love you, love your family, and gonna miss you so much."

At that, Stoney broke down. And so did we.