What You Missed On Jamie And Stoney


You will see a slight change in the number font, and an adjustment to the sleeves.

"Throwing it back to their old racing stripe logo on the sleeve," Rogers said. 


The MLBPA released a statement criticizing Manfred for going “back on his word and now threatening to cancel the entire season.”


In a bold move from the prosecution, Chris Darden asked Simpson to try on a pair of bloody black leather gloves, one of which was found at the murder scene and the other at Simpson's residence.


Efimova was trending earlier this year when she showed off her amazing core strength while training. 


“He only cared about himself hitting home runs,” Wendell said. “He didn’t care if we lost 20-1. If he hit a home run, he was happy.”


In the clip, Jackson is wearing flip flops as he scurries through the sand, and at one point evades a would-be tackler with a pump fake.