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Bates will have other options on the table, including the possibility of going straight to the NBA if the league lowers its age requirement to 18. 


Who came up with the term “place-holder team?” It’s a ridiculous tag unbefitting of a supposed major league.


Hadid, 23, took to her Instagram story to show off her body that she has worked so hard for, all while on a floatation device. 


Kevin Wise, 26, told KSLA-TV that he plunged into the indoor aquarium at a Bass Pro Shop in Bossier City last week to follow through on a promise he made to followers on the social media platform TikTok.

"I said that if I got 2,000 likes I would jump in the tank," Wise said. "I got way more than that and didn't want to be a liar." 


Asked on a conference call Thursday about the most difficult trade he's made in his career, Holland pointed to his first: Mike Vernon to San Jose for two second-round picks. (Detroit would later trade those picks in separate deals.


However, there are quite a few primary and alternate logos in MLB history that are unsightly simply because they were poorly designed or a bit too ambitious. Here's a look at the 14 worst in the history of the sport.