Man attempts to avoid DUI by telling cops his 4-year-old was actually driving

Child behind the wheel
Photo credit Getty Images

When police pulled over a 39-year-old Wyoming man on suspicion of drunk driving, he believed he had an ironclad defense.

He told the responding officers that his 4-year-old son, seated in his lap in the driver’s seat, was actually the one driving.

Police were initially called due to reports of a fight between the man and a woman, but when they arrived at the scene of the disturbance, they learned he had drove off in his white Ford pickup truck. That led to the initial traffic stop, and the revelation that he was under the influence.

Though he refused field sobriety tests and a breath test, he was arrested for a probation violation from a previous DUI and driving without having the interlock device mandated by his probation installed on his truck as well as suspicion of driving under the influence. Once at the jail, a search warrant for a blood draw was granted.

The man also had his other son, 15, in the truck with him at the time of his arrest.