Sports Radio Host Suspended For Using Slur In Reference To Kamala Harris


A sports talk radio host has reportedly been taken off the air for using sexist language to describe to US Senator Kamala Harris.

Nate Lucas, host of the "The Nate Lucas Show" on Jock radio stations in Springfield, Missouri, would be absent from his program for at least this week, according to the Springfield News-Ledger.

Lucas uttered "an offensive sexist slur" about Harris, the Democratic party nominee for vice president, on his show on Friday, the report said. The outlet was unable to track down a recording of exactly what Lucas said, but the station's operation manager, Tom Ladd, confirmed Lucas' apparent suspension.

Ladd took over Lucas' two-hour morning show slot on Monday, according to the News-Ledger.

"While we'd like to say more about the situation right now, it would probably be better if we leave it at that for the time being," Ladd reportedly said on air.

The article also says Lucas was "hypercritical" of the Missouri State University football program after it was reported that student-athletes would be marching through campus to demonstrate against racial injustice.

Art Hains, the longtime host of a separate program on the station who also serves as the play-by-play voice of Missouri State football, resigned over Lucas' comments, saying he did not want to be associated with the "regrettable" criticisms of the university.

Lucas' shock-jock tactics have come under scrutiny previously, the report said. Last year he called a caller a "likely pedophile" after the caller questioned his on-air behavior.

The incident comes only weeks after FOX Sports announcer Thom Brennaman was suspended indefinitely for using a homophobic slur on a hot mic while calling a Cincinnati Reds-Kansas City Royals game.

The Jock recently changed stations after it was acquired by Zimmer Midwest Communications, the report said.