How will Charlie McAvoy spend his $76M? ‘I might just go get my dog a handful of bones’


Charlie McAvoy cashed in with a new contract, but there’s no question who the real winner in this transaction is—it’s his dog, Otto.

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Signed to an eight-year extension Friday, McAvoy suddenly has $76 million burning a hole in his pocket, and, unlike most people who come into a lifechanging amount of wealth at a moment’s notice, the Bruins defenseman knows exactly what to spend it on.

Not that finances in the McAvoy household were ever much concern—the 23-year-old was already among the league’s highest-paid defensemen ($7.3-million salary this season). But now Otto can rest easy (not to paint the canine community with too broad a brush, but “resting easy” is probably right in his wheelhouse) knowing he’ll never run out of treats.

On the Mount Rushmore of wholesome sports contract moments—and it’s not a long list—this is pretty high up there, rivaling Joe Flacco’s iconic trip to McDonald’s, when he made the drive-through his first stop after receiving a $120-million extension from the Ravens in 2013.

Between McAvoy spoiling Otto with a lifetime supply of bones and Kyle Schwarber parading his pooch around Fenway earlier this week, Boston athletes seem to adore their furry friends. All the belly rubs for this guy.