NBA analyst Chris Webber sick of criticism from trolls: 'F–k you'


Chris Webber has had enough of all the trolls and haters.

The former NBA star and TNT basketball analyst responded to his critics on “The Complex Sports Podcast” this week — and rather bluntly.

“For somebody to be in a pandemic and worry about how a game sounds, that’s great,” he said. “To all the fans out there, I’m sorry, I hope it gets better. To the people who just want s—t to talk about, f—k you. And to everybody else, it is what it is.”

NSFW language below

Webber, 47, began working as a broadcaster since retiring from the NBA in 2008 after 17-year NBA career spanning with the Warriors, Washington Wizards (Bullets), Sacramento Kings, Philadelphia 76ers and Detroit Pistons.

He typically calls games with Marv Albert and Reggie Miller in a 3-man booth but many fans have grown to dislike Webber as an announcer.

So much so, a petition was started earlier this year to get him removed from games on TNT. The effort was futile, though, as it only garnered 33 signatures.

Webber did acknowledge that he hopes to get better in his message, though, so at the very least he is well aware he can always be better.

Sometimes, there is just no patience for the trolls on social media, though.

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