Audacy Sports Fantasy Football Show Week 2: Waiver adds, streamers and stealth starts


I’m just going to leave this here.

Holy bad beat, Monday night’s Raiders/Ravens game took YEARS off my life, not to mention the chunk it took out of my wallet (you’re welcome, FanDuel Sportsbook). If the cat who fell from the upper deck of Hard Rock Stadium used eight of his nine lives, the Raiders must have used eight and a half Monday night, surviving Justin Tucker’s coldblooded dagger from 47 yards out and a goal-line interception in a game with instant classic written all over it.

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The Raiders may have obliterated my parlay, but it wasn’t all bad. Mark Andrews’ late drop, though disastrous on one front, clinched a nail-bitingly close (we’re talking decimal points) victory for me in one of my season-long leagues. It also happened to be the one league where I started Odell Beckham (who accrued zero points, mostly because he didn’t play), a mental mistake I could have—and likely should have—paid dearly for. But the fantasy gods let me off with a warning this time, hoping their peace offering would scare me straight.

Monday night’s Shakespearean epic wasn’t just great theater—it was living proof that in fantasy football, every play matters, from a glossed-over holding flag to a fourth-quarter kneel-down. Luck occupies a much bigger piece of the pie than we’d care to admit, but fantasy players still need to be prepared for any and everything, whether it’s acing the waiver wire, streaming tight ends and defenses or those pesky start-sit conundrums that make us question our sanity before lineups lock each Sunday at 1 PM ET. Fortunately, you’ve come to the ri