Ndamukong Suh 'always wants to piss off' Aaron Rodgers, also wants to connect off the field


Ndamukong Suh and Aaron Rodgers do not have a pleasant history with one another.

While a member of the Detroit Lions, Suh seemed to intentionally step on Rodgers’ leg while he was on the ground — twice — which led to the “dirty player” reputation for Suh.

But the Bucs defensive tackle, who got the best of Rodgers in the NFC Championship Game, said he is aiming to build a relationship with his nemesis and got a hold of the Packers quarterback after the game and told him he’d like to get together in the offseason.

“I’m gonna always want to piss off Aaron and make him not want to be my friend on the football field,” Suh said on Shannon Sharpe’s podcast. “When it’s off the field, we’ll definitely find the time and I’m hoping to connect.”

Suh believes that the two of them have business opportunities that they could collaborate on with each other.

“When it comes to creating a relationship and having that, I don’t think me and Aaron ever had that opportunity,” he said. “We have some mutual investments and opportunities where we could have crossed paths. I think it’s at this particular age, when it’s off field, we’ll definitely try and find the time and I’m open to definitely connect. So, I’ll leave it there and really, the ball is in his court.”

Suh said their history on the field is just the competitive nature of the game and that it is his job to “piss off” the quarterback.

“Even Tom [Brady], I’m trying to piss Tom off in practice,” he said. “That’s my job. That’s my focus. I’m obviously not gonna hit Tom and whatnot.”

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